More about Board Books

Booky Wooky board books are made out of high-quality, durable paperboard that’s safe for babies to hold, bite and play with. It’s fair to say, Mums & Dads love them too!

They are made to the highest quality, enough to withstand bending, ripping, chewing & gnawing - all natural developmental stages a baby & toddler will go through.

All our books are printed, folded, creased & bound (with rounded corners on each page for extra safety*) in Ireland and are made to withstand everything a baby can throw/spil/bend/bite and try to break them!

The interaction babies/toddlers/children can get from a personalised Booky Wooky Board Book is amazing. Watch as their little eyes light up when they see the photos of their favourite toy or pet, their family members and when you read the words which you’ve carefully added to their story.

Board Books bring fun, laughter and learning all at the same time. Personalising it for the benefit of your child adds an extra layer of satisfaction and happiness that will make you unbelievably happy.

Booky Wooky allows you to create your very own ‘Once Upon a Time’

Board Books are made from thick paperboard and are designed to last. They are made to withstand ‘wear & tear’ due to their durable nature and given the primary users of these books range from newborns to toddler to children (and parents of course!), it is essential they are build to last.

Board Books become even more special when you know you’ve created them yourself. They provide your baby/child with numerous benefits (please see below).

As opposed to a TV show book (Peppa/Thomas etc which we know all young ones absolutely love), Booky Wooky Board Books increase the little ones understanding of who they are looking at - Mum / Dad / Granny / Grandad (etc) and this improves their visual senses immediately.

Looking at a book with Pippa or Thomas will get their energy flowing but compared to looking at a book with amazing captivating colours, numerous cliparts, personalised text and fun filled amazing photos of those they see on a regular (& irregular) basis, what they get back from it is second to none

Believe us - we’ve tried it, we’ve tested both & the results are amazing.

For the little ones:

Introduction to …..

  • New foods
  • Alphabet
  • Clothes
  • Daily routines
  • New brother or sister
  • New pet
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Family in another country

Not to mention …..

  • Facial Recognition
  • Learning
  • Colour Differential
  • Motor Skills
  • Hand to Eye Coordination
  • Facial Understanding

Especially suitable for …..

  • Special Needs Children
  • Special Needs Establishments
  • Creches
  • Montessori
  • Pre-Schools
  • Primary Schools

For you:

  • Lost lasting memories of that special age
  • Select your prefered photos - it’s 100% your design
  • Multiple themes to choose from - including a blank canvas 
  • Safe rounded corners to protect little eyes
  • Durable pages to withstand teething marks
  • Laminated to protect against unwanted & unplanned spills *(will check with Colum on best option here ala Pint Size Productions)
  • High definition images in each book you create
  • Longevity - bring back memories of when they were young in an instant
  • Memories - long after your babies cease to be babies

Welcome New Baby

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A Wonderful Year

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My Family in Oz

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Blank Books

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Oh we have so many project ideas, our parenting minds are literally hopping!

Are you looking for an amazing way to correlate your (literally) thousand of photos you have backed up to the cloud or on Facebook etc?

Are you someone who has zero time for the cloud and maintains your photos on your laptop & / or phone?

Booky Wooky books are multi-functional, easy & fun to create with a long life span. Go ahead and create your very own ‘Once Upon a Time’ today.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We think the possibilities are endless, like...

  • Welcome to the world baby
  • Your very own ABC
  • Who loves me?
  • Here’s my family
  • We’re your family in Oz
  • My new brother / sister
  • Our family dog
  • My body parts (ears, eyes, nose…)
  • Learning all about emotions
  • Favourite Nursery Rhymes
  • Flash cards with family faces
  • Let kids write their own stories – drawn pictures can be scanned or kids can recreate scenes and take photos