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Welcome New Baby


New baby in the family? Babies are better than adults at facial recognition so why not create a book with all of babies favorite faces?


Product Description

Want to create a personalised book in a matter of minutes?

This is a quick and easy way to create completely personalised children’s books. This is a great way to capture those first beautiful photos and emotions that come with the arrival of a new baby. Baby are drawn to familiar faces very quickly and will be excited about seeing them in a new & interesting format.

Booky Wooky Books make great gifts from everyone one from Mum & Dads, Uncles & Aunties, Godparents, Grandparents….anyone with a special child in their lives. Perfect for new arrivals, birthdays, christenings, new siblings….the list is endless.

Feeling especially creative? Why not create a book from scratch? Start with a blank canvas here

Additional Information

Attribute Information

12″ x 12″

Number of Pages

Total of 14 pages including Front & Back covers


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