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My Favourite Things


Capture Special Memories

Children grow up so quickly so why not capture all their favourite things year on year so they can treasure them forever?

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Capturing memories in a wonderfully personalised children’s book

The first years go by so quickly and now with camera phones we all take hundreds (thousands, if I’m honest) of photos and very rarely do we do anything with them. Why not make a special book which captures all of babies favourite things so they can treasure them forever. Our service allows you to create an entirely personalised children’s book.

This was one of the first books we ever made for our daughter and it’s funny how important a toy or a blanket can be to a child for a couple months to a year and then it drops off the radar. We and more importantly Mia still love looking at this book.

Booky Wooky Books make great gifts from everyone one from Mum & Dads, Uncles & Aunties, Godparents, Grandparents….anyone with a special child in their lives. Perfect for new arrivals, birthdays, christenings, new siblings….the list is endless.

Feeling especially creative? Why not create a book from scratch? Start with a blank canvas here

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12″ x 12″

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Total of 14 pages including Front & Back covers


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