Photo backup – don’t lose your photos!

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Backup Data Shows File Transfer And ArchivesThis is something I am a stickler for however I hear it time and time again that people lose all their photos when their phone is stolen or dropped down the toilet. Backing up photos is much like an insurance policy – it’s kinda boring and for a majority of the time, if you are lucky it’s not needed however it’s when something goes wrong that you really wish you had paid attention.

Backing up your photos is easy in todays world and even better a number of the solutions are cloud based which means you will be able to access your photos from any device anywhere in the world.


What service should I use?

There are thankfully many to choose from and to be honest they are all getting very competitive which is great for us as it means the prices are being pushed down.

Here is an overview of top cloud storage providers:

We use Dropbox for Booky Wooky and personal use however we also use google drive for shared documents. With dropbox we have 1TB of space available to us which is needed after we went through a process of converting thousands of all photos to digital. Plus we take a ridiculous amount of photos/videos of our daughter & dog ;o)


How often should I back up my data?

Well really this can depend on how much data you have – we take pictures regularly so we run a backup weekly. If you do not take photos regularly you may want to adjust this. That said as soon as you have any data on your phone that you absolutely do not want to lose – backup immediately! Some apps let you schedule your backups while other just require you to open them and a sync will happen automatically. It’s a good idea to set a reminder in your calendar for your backups to ensure they are actually happening.


Benefits of backing up regularly?

  • Allows you to free up space on your device
  • Gives you peace of mind that you won’t loose your photos
  • If you backup to the cloud you will have your data available to you at all times


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