New baby present from abroad

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So we have some experience in this. Having lived abroad for 12 years we’ve faced the question of what do you buy as a new baby present many times. This task becomes even more difficult when the person having the baby is a close relative or friend. You want to get something really special and personal.

New baby present – the perfect fit

We think we have the perfect answer – why not create a new baby present that introduces the child to you, your family & even your surroundings? Our new template ‘My family in Oz’ is the perfect example of how you can do this. You can simply create add photos of you and yours (whatever that may be). This provides baby with a gift that can be used regularly and one that builds a connection between you and the baby.

Example page for a new baby present book "my family in oz' front & back cover

Example page for a new baby present book My family in Oz showing uncle James & his family


The science bit…

“At as early as four months, babies’ brains already process faces at nearly adult levels, even while other images are still being analyzed in lower levels of the visual system…. If anything’s going to develop earlier it’s going to be face recognition”

for more see this great article

A gift baby can use

We couldn’t get over people’s generosity when we had our daughter but we also know the guilt of receiving beautiful presents that hardly every get used. Books are wonderful for children’s development and I’ve always felt that they make a great new baby presents as unlike clothes babies don’t grown out of them quickly.

So even if you are unable to physically be a daily part of the new babies life you can certainly make a memorable appearance through our books. Also when you do get to visit baby will be able to recognise you from his/her favourite book ;o)

So there it is a new baby present make easy – create this book now: My Family in Oz and #getyourcreativeon !

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