Fun & Quick Book Creation – We tested it!

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BW Expressions Book CoverWe took some time out on Saturday to create a Booky Wooky book of our own. Daddy wanted a book for Mia that featured him as the star ;o) We didn’t have much time so we picked our theme, grabbed our camera and ordered the book within 30 minutes.

After picking the ‘Expression’ book template we realized that it would be easy just to take new photos specifically for this book. So out with the camera and queue Daddy’s best Blue Steel modeling poses. We had such a laugh doing this – we do expressions with Mia a lot at home but they are normally just Happy, Sad, Silly & Surprised so the acting talents were called upon to create some of the masterpieces for this books such as Disgusted, Angry, Scared….

We took the photos and then uploaded them straight to the book – here are the results, what do you think?

BW Expressions Happy Sad Book page






BW Expressions Angry Tired book pages






BW Expressions Silly Surprised book pages






BW Expressions cute tough book pages






BW Expressions Sleepy Scared book pages






BW Expressions Delight Degust book pages





Want to see what other themes are available? We currently offer 12 in total. To see them, click through to our Product Page and get creative !!

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