Christening gifts for boys and girls – A really special gift

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Christening BabyChristening

Christening your son or daughter is one of the great ceremonies for any parent. Family, relatives, friends and well-wishers are invited to attend the boy’s or girl’s baptism. If you’re invited to such a ceremony, you might be confused as to what christening gifts for boys and girls to buy.

No doubt about it, there’s a huge collection of christening gifts for boys & girls to choose from – budget depending of course. But fret not, Booky Wooky is here to help!

It’s very obvious that you cannot ask the child what they prefer or what they like most. You might have plenty of ideas in your mind regarding what would be the best gift for them, but by the same token, this can also lead to confusion for some when buying gifts for little boys or little girls. It’s worth remembering that christening a boy / girl is not only a special occasion for the baby, but also for guests who are going to attend the ceremony. So, making the right purchase is pretty important.

You can find a variety of christening gifts for boys / girls – both religious and non-religious. If you want to add a religious touch to your gift, you can choose child’s rosary, baby bible, christened theme pendant, prayer wall cross and several other baby’s religious gifts. For the non-religious option – Booky Wooky books are a great gift.

Digital or Print?

We live in a digital world where the smartphone is king. Free space exists in the cloud (via many platforms) for you to store all your photos, and we are big fans. However – this also creates a disjointed approach to accessing your photo’s, trying to remember which photo’s are saved where and so on. Furthermore, they’re not tangible. Booky Wooky provides the platform to pull your pictures from the cloud and create a gift of beauty. Creating a Booky Wooky book is quick, easy and makes a lovely keepsake which will be around for a long time.

Generally, we all know that a baby cannot use certain gifts practically, so your gift must be such that can be kept as a memorabilia for the long years. Booky Wooky books help boys or girls develop their vision and understanding of who is special in their life by facial recognition. Looking at their personalised baby board book every day increases their knowledge of who is who, from family members to cousins to pets to their favourite toys.  Booky Wooky books can be a gift that can be used daily as the infant grows. As a result, our books become a gift that will be treasured throughout the life of the boy or girl. Then eventually when baby has grown out of the book, it becomes a great book for Mammy & Daddy to keep, reminisce with and reproduce at the 21st birthday to embarrass the boy or girl when they have grown up!

Creating your own Booky Wooky book to give as a present also indicates how much the boy or girl means to you. It’s your personal touch, thought and love that will make it so special. The fact that it will last a lifetime and will help them remember their childhood when they see it as they years go by is an added bonus – it signifies how much you care about the boy or girl.

No matter what kind of christening gift you choose, all you require is to give a precious keepsake for the boy / girl – one that will be cherished by them for the rest of their life and a Booky Wooky book will do just that.

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