Fun & Quick Book Creation – We tested it!

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We took some time out on Saturday to create a Booky Wooky book of our own. Daddy wanted a book for Mia that featured him as the star ;o) We didn’t have much time so we picked our theme, grabbed our camera and ordered the book within 30 minutes. After picking the ‘Expression’ book template we realized that it would be …

What is a board book?

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Board books are a type of book printed on thick paperboard. They are very durable and consequently intended for small children, who often tend to be less gentle with books. Board books are a great way to introduce books to babies – they are wonderful for reading and rereading, chewing on and perfect for road trips.           …

Love of books extended

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It is a running joke between Ross and I now about how no matter what shop he goes in to, if they have a brouchure, flyer or really any kind of literature he will definitely come out with it. I on the other hand definitely won’t as I know I probably won’t look at it again and it will end …

Booky Wooky back on track

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So Booky Wooky has been offline for a while as there were a number of organisational changes which needed to take place. We are now excited to confirm that we are back on track and are looking for an Easter launch date. We have always believed in this idea and just this week we received some new blank samples from …

Photos are fab

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This is Mia doing her best Booky Wooky pose. I put that small photo book together for her ages ago and she just loves it. Everyday she goes through it at least once. Today when her granddad was on the phone, Mia actually opened up the book and took out a photo of her granddad. It just shows how in …

Gift Ideas

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I am bursting with ideas as to how Booky Wooky could be used – I can’t wait to hear how my customers will use their books. I put together a word cloud yesterday with just a couple of suggestions…

Why personalised baby books?

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Books are great for children in so many ways – fun, educational, developmental, coordination (it’s not always easy to turn those pages), creativity…to name but a few. I love watching Mia turn the pages of books and now in particular as she talks away while ‘reading’, I would love to know what stories she is making up – if only …

New Logo, New Logo

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I absolutely love our new logo – thanks to a fantastic designer Brana from who worked with me on it. The creation process was really fun and interesting – it was great to see other peoples take on BookyWooky. I must admit that even my opinion on various elements changes along the way – it was definitely a great …

Magical Tagline

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I have to say a massive thanks to Gillian & Paul Keane who came up with what I think is a magical tagline that really fits the BookyWooky brand. We want to create individual books for children that will be filled with all the people, toys, places, stories, etc…that they love.