About us


On the 8th of May 2012 we became proud parents of Mia. Mel and Mia We started buying baby board books almost immediately – in fact we just couldn’t walk by a bookshop without going in to check out their baby books.

Mia quickly found a love of books and although we were delighted that there were so many wonderful books on offer, that said we wanted to create something individual for her. We wanted Mia to have books with pictures of herself, our family, her playmates, her favourite toys – all the things she loves. 

When we received the first samples of Mia’s personalized board book we were thrilled to watch her reaction—she loved them! And every time we create a new book just for her, she laughs with delight to see herself in her very own once upon a time story.

We think the possibilities are endless 

  • Welcome to the world baby
  • Your very own ABC
  • Who loves me?
  • Here’s my family
  • We’re your family in Oz
  • My new brother / sister
  • Our family dog
  • My body parts (ears, eyes, nose…)
  • Favourite Nursery Rhymes
  • Flash cards with family faces
  • Let kids write their own stories – drawn pictures can be scanned or kids can recreate scenes and take photos

Family Fun and Great Gifts too!

As parents we know how great it is to be able to create something specific for your own child. We are looking forward to seeing how other mums and dads will enjoy using our products. And we hope that this will give all the aunties, uncles, godparents and grandparents out there a great opportunity to create a truly personalised gift for the little ones in their lives.